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Real Estate


RA Lawyers specializes in residential real estate transactions and is pleased to offer you the following legal services:

Sales and Purchases

If you are among the many individuals who has considered purchasing commercial or residential properties either for your family or to expand your business or generate additional revenue,  we can help you every step of the way.  It is our practice to:


  • Provide you with Personalized Legal Representation and Advice

  • Guide you through your Agreement and Act on your Behalf in Negotiations

  • Ordering and Reviewing Title, Surveys and Other Reports, Issuing Title Insurance, and Reviewing Financing Options

  • Review your "New Build" Contract (where applicable)

  • Guide you through the Purchase and/or Sale of your Condominium (where applicable)




If you find it's time to consolidate debts, renovate your home or simply change banks for others reasons, we can help you complete this process in a timely fashion by:


  • Reviewing all Paperwork including the Mortgage Commitment Letter

  • Communicating with the New Lender

  • Completing Required Searched

  • Preparing all Necessary Paperwork

  • Discharging your Existing Mortgage

  • Investigating Title, Searching for Executions, Arranging for Title Insurance, and Searching for Arrears

  • Registering the New Mortgage

  • Attending to the Closing and Completing the Refinancing



Other Real Estate Services


Over our forty years of representing both public and private clients, we have represented clients on a range of legal issues.   We would be happy to represent you on a range of legal issues including:


  • Commercial and Residential Lease Agreements

  • Easements and Rights of Way

  • Encroachment Agreements

  • Co-ownership Agreements

  • Transfer of Title


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