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As a boutique law firm, the firm provides clients with exceptional legal services in the following areas:
Corporate Law


Business Law refers to a wide range of legal arrangements including corporations, partnerships, shareholder rights, and contractual agreements between businesses (to name a few). 


The firm helps clients reach their business goals in a way that best protects their interests, minimizes their risks, and offers them the greatest financial benefits.



Wills & Estates

Estate planning involves the transfer of someone's assets (e.g. property, money) when they pass away, as well as a variety of other personal matters. Wills, estates, trusts and power of attorney are all common tools used in estate planning.


The firm helps clients use these tools to protect their loved ones and the assets that they have worked so hard to accumulate. 



Real Estate Law

There are a wide range of relationships and rights that attach to land.  Navigating through these relationships and through the legal system at the same time can be complicated.


Over the years the firm has provided creative and sophisticated solutions to investors, owners, landlords, tenants, borrowers, property managers and brokers who are buying, selling or leasing residential and commercial property.



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